Law Summer Programs

    Before the LSAT, final exams or the bar exam, pre-college students can build the foundation for a future legal career during a summer law program. Hosted by a variety of top-notch universities and colleges, these programs give participants an overview of the American legal system, from contracts and torts to constitutional and criminal law.

    Why Should I Take a Law Summer Program?

    Students can also specialize in particular areas, such as business or entrepreneurship, human rights, social justice, ethics, or sports and entertainment. By participating in experiential learning such as mock trial and group projects, students prepare for legal and non-legal careers. Immersion in law can lay the foundation for work in business, journalism, medicine and many other fields. The summer law programs are offered in residential, virtual/online, and commuter formats. The journey to becoming a licensed attorney is long and difficult. It takes dedication and true passion to enjoy and use in a meaningful way. A law summer program will not only help you gain insight into the study of law but also the life and potential career arc of a lawyer. If you feel passionate about becoming a part of the American legal system and believe that is where you will make a difference, then a law summer program can help you understand all of the unique avenues and expectations that come with being an officer of the court.

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